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We meet and discuss your requirements, thoughts and ideas.

we write a proposal for you

The proposal will include cost estimates, a timeline and a step-by-step process.

information gathering

Once the proposal is approved, we will need to gather all of your content and images and any existing logos, print or other design. This will include many questions from our end, but don’t worry, the process is painless.

design begins

Every great website begins with great design…a design that is attractive, functional, and streamlined. For the website, we create three distinctive homepage comps for your review. For logos, we create between five and ten. You can choose one you like or combine elements, change colors or change fonts. It’s up to you. All designs will be sent to you in jpg or pdf format.

design approval

We go back and forth like this a few times and when satisfied, you approve the design. It stops here for print pieces and we send them off to the print company of your choice or we can recommend one for you. Websites require a few more steps.

website construction

Once design is approved, we begin construction of the website. This includes formatting all images for quick download, writing the xhtml and css code behind the website and laying out all out to function well in the most popular Internet browsers.


Throughout the entire process, we keep a copy of your website on our test server. This allows us, and you, to keep an eye on progress and test the website on various browsers and computer configurations.


Once you are satisfied with your new or improved website, we will launch it to live servers using the domain name of your choice.


Everyone needs change once in a while, any time you feel the need to update or change content or other components…give us a call, we can do it for you!